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Online advertising is the ideal way to super charge your marketing efforts and drive additional sales opportunities to your website. By combining online advertising with marketing, business owners have the ability to reach an even larger audience than possible with just organic search. The massive reach of online ads makes it possible to get people interested in spending money on your product or service to visit your website on a global scale. Partner with METHODIC and get the most bang out of your advertising buck.


With Google and Bing accounting for 98% of searches worldwide, business owners now have the power expand their customer base by targeting an audience and placing ads in front of their ideal customer. Search ads offer business owners great flexibility with the ability to customize ads to include important information such as: ¬†Location Targeting, User Reviews, Site Links, and much more. When you choose to run search ads, you only pay for ads that are clicked on; this allows METHODIC to help reduce your ad budget over time, while still maintaining your ads effectiveness. Best of all, you don’t have to have a ridiculous ad budget to compete. Search advertising is performed on a level playing field, the best ads win.

Online Advertising


If your brand thrives on sending visual messages, Social Advertising is a match made in heaven. Social Advertising allows business owners to deploy highly persuasive visual ads to show potential buyers what they can expect from your business. Advertising on social platforms affords business owners the ability to advertise to a global audience while maintaining the power to control who sees your ads with unparalleled granularity. Highly competitive and affordable ad pricing combined with the ability to control your ad budget helps ensure you don’t break the bank.